Application Migration

Intelligent application migration for Windows management

The smart way to manage applications during Windows rebuilds and migrations.

Managing installed applications through a Windows upgrade is a major challenge. Users need the right applications available after the upgrade to be able to get on with their work. The business needs to ensure the right versions are installed to simplify support and manage costs.

IT teams need an automated process to ensure the right applications and the right versions are deployed. 1E Application Migration is the solution.

Application Migration
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The challenges for application migration

Applications missing

After a computer rebuild or migration to a new PC, the end user doesn't have the applications they need so can't get on with their work.

Increased security risk

Every application needs to be kept up to date and presents extra cyber attack opportunities. IT should ensure only the applications really needed are deployed.

Wasted licenses

Applications are installed "just in case" they are needed. This leads to unnecessary maintenance and subscription fees. Unused licenses could be reallocated to other users.

Application sprawl

With more applications and versions installed than are necessary, application support is more complex and IT help desks can be swamped.

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The solution

Installed application and usage data is collected from Configuration Manager presenting a dashboard with insights into deployed applications and licenses.

Data is rationalized (for example where different versions have different names) to simplify application management.

Usage data is collected so that re-install or upgrade rules can be defined based on what end users actually need.

Applications that aren't used don't get re-installed, those with a cheaper alternative get replaced and those that are used are upgraded to the official corporate version.

Once the rules are defined, a single task sequence step performs all the necessary installation or upgrade actions. There’s no need to define complex collections of applications and computers or supersedence rules in Configuration Manager.

End users are left with the applications they need to get straight back to work.

Application Migration

is a key part of 1E's Windows Servicing Suite for automated Windows management and deployment.


Fast, secure
content distribution


Real-time visibility
and control

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App Migration

Usage based-app migration


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Key Benefits

No impact on
end users

Improved security

Reduced costs

Application deployment dashboard

Simple CM Task Sequence integration

Usage based migration rules

Reduce application sprawl

Preview migrations prior to migrations

Simplified management via groups

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