PC Power Management


Reduce energy consumption with PC power management

By implementing scheduled NightWatchman power actions and power schemes, the organization can ensure that the PC estate is only consuming the most efficient amount of energy required for when the PC is in use. Providing the ability to group machines by location and/or organisation the solution allows for the application of power policy to any level of granularity that might be required.

Accurate reporting of energy emission, carbon and cost savings

NightWatchman reports the power usage behaviour of every individual client system in your enterprise. By matching every client to its own specific make and model energy consumption characteristics, NightWatchman reporting is able to accurately report the specific energy consumed by the individual, business unit or the entire enterprise PC estate. Combining automatically defined power baselines with this power usage detail ensures highly accurate savings reporting to easily demonstrate the value achieved in sustainability reporting requirements and recognised by energy provider rebate schemes.

Cloud synchronization of power data catalog

Connecting the organizations NightWatchman implementation to the 1E cloud, enables dynamic updating of hardware power consumption data with 1E’s extensive hardware power catalog. Synchronization with the cloud based power data catalog ensures any new make and model of machine entering the organisation is rapidly and automatically identified and their details are updated to ensure NightWatchman is always reporting as accurately as possible.

Quantify the cost of energy consumed

The cost of energy being consumed throughout the organisation can vary greatly between different buildings, countries and the energy suppliers used. NightWatchman provides the ability to apply different energy tariffs as necessary to any grouping structure created and ensures the energy consumption reported by clients is translated directly to the cost of the energy where it was consumed. Defining energy tariffs ensures even the largest and most distributed organizations can report accurately on the energy cost savings achieved regardless of any energy pricing variations.

Avoid any user disruption while maximizing energy savings

To ensure user acceptance of an active power management strategy it is important the technology used always ensures there is no user disruption caused. NightWatchman achieves this by implementing a number of automated features to enhance the user experience. NightWatchman is able to safely power down any unused machine even if the user has left open unsaved work by ensuring all applications are gracefully shutdown and any unsaved documents are backed up prior to executing the power down. This saved work is presented back to the user at next login so they can continue their work as it was left. Similarly, NightWatchman scheduled power downs are automatically postponed when user activity is detected to avoid any unnecessary interactions with the user.

Identify underutilized PC hardware and drive cost reduction

NightWatchman includes specific reports that can identify PC hardware in the organisation that is either completely unused or is being underutilized. With this information the organization can identify and remove redundant hardware from the estate and ensure only what is needed remains. This drives further operational cost savings from IT as we avoid unnecessary management of these devices. Similarly this reporting could be used instead to identify valuable but unused hardware so this can be re-appropriated for use elsewhere in the organisation where there is demand for new hardware.

Full support of NightWatchman PC power management on Mac clients

The NightWatchman agent is also available for Apple PCs running all of the latest versions of the Mac OS. The NightWatchman agent enables the seamless inclusion of Mac clients within a constant PC power management strategy across all client devices regardless of hardware or operating system.

Clients can be maintained out of hours with enterprise scalable Wake on LAN

The NightWatchman PC power management solution also includes WakeUp, a highly scalable enterprise ready Wake On LAN solution to deliver out of hours systems management capability. Effective PC power management ensures machines are kept in a low power state when they are not being utilized. By itself, this can be a barrier to the IT department’s effective management of client devices, since patching and other regular maintenance tasks may be missed out of hours or when machines are in low power states. To complete the cycle of effective PC power management, NightWatchman ensures all client systems remain manageable by providing the ability to wake targeted clients for maintenance windows or on demand without requiring any network router configuration.

WakeUp integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

WakeUp integrates directly with the latest versions of SCCM to wake clients based on deployment policy and schedules. Administrators use SCCM to plan and schedule systems management deployment tasks, with WakeUp ensuring the tasks begin on schedule by automatically waking all targeted clients at the required time or by refreshing client policy on machines that are already powered on. NightWatchman ensures efficient energy usage when performing systems management tasks by identifying clients woken for this purpose and identifies that once these SCCM tasks have completed, those clients will return to their previous powered down state.


You can instantly verify WakeUp’s success for even hundreds of thousands of computers. You can manage with confidence at any scale in response to emergencies. In the NightWatchman console you can check the current online status of any locations or organizational groups. Then initiate WakeUp and within minutes see how many more computers are online.

WakeUp compliments other systems management tools

WakeUp also delivers full support for out of hours client systems management with other toolsets by its own independent control mechanism. NightWatchman power policy can includes alarm clocks for waking machines to be ready and available in the morning and machines can be woken with a scheduled WakeUp to begin a set maintenance window which NightWatchman will complete by returning the PC to the low power state.

Remotely wake own client resources wherever they may be with web WakeUp

NightWatchman provides a remote WakeUp capability to ensure all office based resources remain accessible for remote or weekend working even if they are actively power managed. Web WakeUp provides a web based interface for the user to Wake their own registered devices.

Precise control and detail of NightWatchman clients in the console

The NightWatchman management console has been designed to ensure ease of management of the NightWatchman clients and their power policy. Its intuitive design enables administrators to quickly define and implement power policy/policies for clients with any level of granularity required. The Console Query interface allows administrators easy access to underlying power and inventory detail across all NightWatchman clients. This can be further enhanced by easily extending functionality with custom actionable extensions. The extensible interface allows the administrator to quickly and easily interrogate all NightWatchman resources and further streamline operations by allowing the creation and integration of custom command line tools to perform on-demand actions on target clients.

Maximize security with safe reboots and by perfecting your reboot strategy

NightWatchman can save unsaved data from open applications when the computer is shut down. It then prompts the user when they next log in to use the saved data or the original. Using this feature you can confidently force reboots for security updates, making them effective immediately. It also provides extensive data on when your computers are actually rebooting, how long this is after updates became applicable, and how quickly those reboots are happening. You can work with business units and adjust your reboot processes if the actual behavior is not consistent with your security needs.

Increase user productivity and satisfaction by getting the most from your battery-enabled devices

When modern devices are properly configured they can give a very smartphone-like experience: very long battery life, real-time reception of incoming notifications, and up-to-date data as soon as the device is powered back on again. Are your devices properly configured? NightWatchman provides the battery-related data you need. With that data you can optimize device configurations as needed. This ensures your users can properly use the devices at all times, keeping users productive and maximizing user satisfaction

Purchase the right devices for your users

Based on the actual battery-related behavior of devices in your environment, future device purchases can be based on understanding which are working most effectively for your users. Make the right decisions when purchasing laptops, tablets, 2-in-1’s, convertibles, and similar form factors.

Proactively budget for replacements of batteries and battery-enabled devices

Batteries don’t last forever, but does that mean you should arbitrarily replace devices or batteries every 2 years just in case? NightWatchman tells you when your batteries have been cycled too often or when they can no larger be charged to an acceptable capacity. You can also see how many devices and batteries are getting to that point, allowing you to budget accordingly.

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