Nomad Automation

Fast, efficient delivery

For the quickest, most reliable and secure migration to Windows 10 you need automation. Not just of one element but of the whole process.

PXE Everywhere

The PXE agent is installed on all Nomad clients and provides a patent-pending dynamic PXE capability. With Nomad, you need never worry about selecting a dedicated PXE server, network configuration, security or any additional administrative effort to manage the solution.

Peer-Backup and Restore

Nomad ensures that data is backed up securely to multiple machines using USMT to a peer chosen as most appropriate, and then restored when required. Nomad ensures the data is backed up before transferring to peers to prevent the process being interrupted if a peer should go offline.

1E WakeUp

WakeUp integration with Nomad means that peers that have the required content can be woken up, so that the PC being migrated will be able to get the content locally even if the other users powered down their PCs before they left.

Windows 10 security feature readiness

Switch devices from BIOS emulation mode to UEFI – essential for enabling high security features in Windows 10 – with no manual intervention. Automation can also enable TPM and Virtualization for security features such as Device Guard. It also handles password protected BIOS systems, avoiding the need to remove passwords or expensive manual intervention.

1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation Suite

Nomad is an integral part of 1E’s Software Lifecycle Automation suite, which is designed to help organisations procure, deploy, secure and decommission software faster and efficiently.

Users can request and receive the software they need, wherever they are, in the fastest possible time.

Security and maintenance is always controlled when the software is deployed.

Reclaiming unused software allows for smart decision making on licensing.

Each 1E solution scales to the largest enterprises in the world, enabling Enterprise IT to become fast, responsive, secure and lean.

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