Nomad Content Distribution

For complex environments

Your environment is complex, your network is constantly changing and you never want to interrupt the business or users. You need to get Windows 10, software and updates deployed wherever needed, without worry.

Effective scaling with Pull-based distribution

CM uses Pull rather than Push for content distribution because it scales much more effectively – essential for an enterprise-grade service. Nomad follows exactly the same approach.

Managing the constantly changing network

Your enterprise network is changing all the time, but you shouldn’t have to worry about it. Nomad works out of the box without configuration, and dynamically adapts to changes in the network.

Cooperating with the business, never competing with it

Nomad will always back-off when the business wants to communicate. So you can transfer huge amounts of data without worry.

Peer-to-Peer for speed, fewer servers and security

Nomad’s fan-out distribution powers almost limitless scalability and speed of content distribution.

CM works really well – why compete with it?

Nomad simply enhances CM and does not require a separate and competitive infrastructure or management.

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