Nomad Security

Safeguard your client estate

Security is a main driver for migrating to Windows 10, so you need to make sure your migration and ongoing content delivery is handled securely.

Complete integration with CM and Role-Based Administration

Nomad integrates completely in CM, and uses the CM console for all content distributions. In addition, Nomad completely supports and works within the CM security model. Full rights based administration is supported throughout so you can assign rights or deny rights in CM as standard – there is never a need for a separate console.

Use of industry standard designs and security basics

Nomad is a genuine infrastructure product. It has been designed to be small, to be secure, and to do exactly what it needs to in any circumstance. Considerable thought has gone into protecting your network, your data and your users, by supporting best practice and industry standards both architecturally and operationally.

Encryption, compression and signing

Nomad is the only solution to provide optional compression, encryption and signing for content distribution – optimizing bandwidth savings, protecting sensitive data across the network and on the disk, and giving confidence in data authenticity and integrity. Content is transmitted using HTTPS for secure communications without requiring security exceptions in firewalls.

With Nomad, you are always sure things are done the right way

You want to use Nomad to extend CM invisibly and not have to worry about a catastrophic outage. So we have worked hard to ensure that Nomad design and implementation does not contain code or features that most enterprise software vendors would consider reckless: no Kernel-mode drivers, no file system drivers hiding disk space, never bypassing CM security, and never using a separate console.

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