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Self-service portal

Shopping gives users the power to request applications through an intuitive self-service portal, eliminating the need to help desk visits and solutions. Shopping completes the cycle by installing the software on the requestor’s device, using tight integration with SCCM and IBM BigFix.. All this done in fraction of time taken by traditional helpdesk solutions.

Integration with service desk solutions

For cases when the involved business process mandates using an existing ticketing system, Shopping integrates seamlessly with all major ticketing system such as Service Now, BMC Remedy, and HP Service Manager. This reduces manual intervention and increases throughput.

Flexible approval flow

Shopping has an inbuilt approval mechanism that enables Shopping administrator to select business managers directly from AD as approvers, and have email notifications sent to them at key points. Also, for those special cases, one can also have a deputy approver assigned or have the approval bypassed altogether.

Customization and localization

Shopping UI not only provides consumer grade experience but is also very customizable. Most components on the portal, right from company logo to email templates can be given the corporate identity of the Customer. Also, Shopping supports multiple languages so that you can use the application across a host of local languages.

License management

Software availability to any particular end user is based on number of available licenses in order to maintain compliance. This provides better visibility and control of software licenses deployed across the organization, improving software license management.

Software rental*

Shopping lets you rent the application instead of permanently installing it. Since you are likely to use the application only for a specific period, application license is returned back as soon as the rental period expires, thus making it available in case somebody else wants to use the license. This is a direct cost saving on the license expense.

Branch administration

Shopping provides the ability to distribute the administration across the geographical locations. Regional administrators can decide on which applications to publish for their region as well as assign relevant approvers to those applications. This is especially useful for large enterprises spread across several geographical locations.

Operating system deployment*

Shopping allows for one touch automated deployment of operating system. These deployments can be scheduled to run at a specific time period at a future date. In case you want to keep tight control over such business critical one time activities then they can be centrally administered.

RBAC compatibility*

Shopping is fully compliant with the Role Based Access Control in SCCM 2012. RBAC provides Configuration Manager administrators with an easy way to implement the security model that allows them to assign and manage administrative permissions by assigning which actions they are able to perform using security roles, which users and systems they can manage through collections, and which objects they can access using security scopes. By adhering to the these rules, Shopping ensures that the SCCM Admins can continue to use RBAC based security rules to control access for a single and flexible model across the enterprise.

Touch device support

Shopping is compatible with iPad, Surface Pro, and touch monitors running Windows. As modern enterprises continue to shift more and more towards multiple hardware platforms, these new adaptations in Shopping enable your organization to finally move towards a “Single Pane of Glass” for software and service interactions between IT and the end user.

OS filtering

Shopping has an extended OS filtering functionality such that Shopping now allows you to filter Configuration Manager apps based on OS compatibility.
* Not available with IBM BigFix

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