Enable effective working from home in 48 hours

Within 48 hours, we can deploy the 1E Tachyon Platform via a single agent, requiring only a single packet exchange, to give you complete control and visibility over all your remote endpoints so you can support WFH at scale and in real-time.

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Supporting a remote workforce means two things: visibility and control

Over the two days, we’re going to help you stand Tachyon up in your environment so you can effectively support your remote employees. The way to do that is through absolute visibility and complete control of all remote endpoints.

Total visibility

Quickly see all remote endpoints in your estate to understand if your remote workers can work. Tachyon Experience runs synthetic microtransactions to test all endpoints and then runs root cause analysis to identify issues preventing employees from working.

Complete control

Explorer allows you to query and remediate issues at scale and in real-time, Guaranteed State ensures real-time compliance through configuration drift management, and Patch Success allows you to reliably patch any endpoint despite its location or status.

What do you need to do before the
48-hour Tachyon implementation?

Select the design option

  • A single infrastructure as a service (IaaS) server in the cloud with internal and external facing networking
  • Internal server with demilitarized (DMZ) server deployment to manage remote endpoints

Provision the server(s)

  • Windows Server 2016/2019 in Azure, AWS or on-premise data center (this will be known as Tachyon Master Stack)
  • If using the DMZ option, then also provision Windows Server 2016/2019 (but this does not need to be domain joined)

Ensure that the following networking requirements are in place)

  • Static IP addresses for all network interfaces
  • Create Internal DNS alias Tachyon
  • Create external DNS alias Tachyon
  • If using DMZ, then additional internal DNS alias TachyonAlt
  • Appropriate firewall rules are in place

Install SQL server

  • SQL Server 2016 or later
  • Standard edition with SQL Server Analysis Services

Provision Installation account

1E recommends that this account is only used for the installation and upgrade on 1E solutions, this account should be disabled while not in use. This account will need to have in the local administrators group on the above servers be a SysAdmin in SQL

During the implementation

Infrastructure setup, run Tachyon in a pilot group, get total visibility of endpoints

  1. Your dedicated 1E solutions expert will guide you through a wizard-driven installation process end-to-end
  2. Then they’ll manually install the 1E client on a single endpoint and validate that it’s working as it should
  3. The solutions expert will then assist with the wizard-driven creation of the software package in Configuration Manager
  4. We’ll then pilot Tachyon with a group of endpoints in the organization

    Start use case 1 (visibility):

    1. Install 1E client on endpoints in pilot group
    2. Run synthetic microtransactions across all endpoints in that group to measure endpoint stability, responsiveness and performance, ready to analyze and act on in day 2

Analysis, use case 2 (control), team enablement, wider rollout

  1. Analysis, use case 2 (control), team enablement, wider rollout

    Start use case 2 (control)

    1. Run estate-wide investigation and root cause analysis
    2. Remediate any issues found across all remote endpoints and in real-time
    3. Gain immediate visibility and control of compliance and security issues with remote endpoints and address those issues
  2. Provide enablement and training to IT teams including:
    • Ensuring the admins are proficient in the Tachyon platform
    • Navigating the UI confidently and in line with key, pre-defined use cases
    • Accessing Tachyon Exchange to download new content
    • Understanding the process for requesting new content
    • How to engage with 1E to request new functionality
  3. Begin the next phase of the 1E Client rollout to endpoints in the organization

    Want to get started with Tachyon?

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    Want to get started with Tachyon?

    Send us your details and we’ll be in touch.