Windows Self-Service

End-to-end Windows automation from any location

Windows Self-Service provides employees with complete self-service capabilities for migrations, break/fix rebuilds and PC replacements from home or any location.

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windows self service

Windows Self-Service is the ultimate product for automating Windows and application deployments. It consists of many features, including:

Intelligent assistant

Windows deployments are complex processes that must take applications, data and settings into consideration. 1E offers the only solution available that automates the process end-to-end and gives the employee control of this process. An intelligent agent walks the employee through the process, so they know exactly what to expect and failure is limited through extensive safeguards.

Automated application deployment

Employees need applications to do their job so 1E ensures they always have the right ones installed. 1E uniquely automates the entire application deployment process so the right applications and versions are always installed or reinstalled based on what the employee was using, the operating system and organization rules. No other solution can automate this whole process using a single step in the deployment.

Complete control of firmware, security, data and settings

Firmware settings are becoming increasingly important in the battle against cybercrime. 1E uniquely automates the management of all the common manufacturers through a single deployment step and ensures all the important Windows security features are deployed and working. Employees’ data and settings are preserved even if the PC is being replaced at home.

“By building on our Configuration Manager installation, we were able to replace our previous systems and remove all our DP servers (including 830 in Belgium and 300 in the Czech Republic)”

Jan Srb
System Engineer, KBC

Microsoft SCCM server removal

SCCM can require many servers in large organizations for content distribution and for automation. 1E replaces the need for all distributed servers using a unique and much-loved peer distribution capability through 1E’s Nomad. Nomad has replaced over 500k servers and is endorsed by many large organizations as it needs zero management overhead and is constantly being improved to provide more benefits.

Customer Success Story

  • Case Study

    KBC, Win10, and WSS: When 21st Century Banking meets 21st Century IT

    This exclusive case study shows how KBC used 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) to address their OS migration, patch compliance, and software distribution challenges.


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