Windows Servicing Suite

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Your business runs on Windows.
Are you doing it efficiently?

Every day you need to rebuild computers, migrate users to new PCs or upgrade to Windows 10. Do you know how much IT time that all takes in a year? How much downtime for your end users?

Could you then add a major project like migrating to Windows 10?

There has to be a better way.

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Windows Servicing Suite
Windows management efficiency through automation

With hundreds or thousands of computer rebuilds, new computers to build and deliver every year, and keeping systems up to date, IT can be stretched just keeping the business running.

Automation is the only way to be able to cope with the load and still have the time to deliver on business initiatives. Windows Servicing Suite is a unique solution to cover end-to-end Windows management and deployment.

The Windows Challenge

Select number of users :

PC Break/Fix Rebuilds per year (20%)


PC Replacements per year (25%)


New PC per year (15%)

Computers to migrate to Windows 10

A massive waste and loss of productivity

A typical computer rebuild or migration might take 2 to 4 hours for an IT engineer to take care of backups, Windows and application re-installs and to restore data.

It's also a major impact on the end user who can't get their work done while waiting for IT to finish the rebuild or migration.

And this is happening every day. Thousands of days' effort could be reclaimed by automation.

Break/Fix Rebuild

A frequent solution to end user issues is to "rebuild" the computer - wipe the disk and install a clean Windows image.

It takes a lot of work to backup the user's data and settings and then reinstall the applications they need. It's estimated that 20% or more computers will be rebuilt every year so this is a major effort for IT teams.

Common Scenario

To address end user reported issues, their computer is backed up, the hard disk reformatted, and Windows and applications are installed.

  • IT Engineer time: 2 hours
  • End user disruption: 2 hours
  • Many remote servers needed

WSS Automation

WSS automates the process to avoid interruptions to the end user's work and ensure the right applications are available after the rebuild.

  • IT Engineer time: 30 minutes
  • End user disruption: 30 minutes
  • No remote servers needed

New Computer

New computers are coming into an organization all the time. Whether they're to replace an existing computer that's come to its scheduled end of life or for a new hire.

In both cases, a corporate standard image and applications need to be installed. If replacing an existing computer then the user's data, settings and applications need to be migrated to the new computer.

Common Scenario

When a user needs to move onto a new computer, IT needs to backup their data and settings, pay an OEM to install Windows then install applications and restore the user data.

  • IT Engineer time: 2 hours
  • End user disruption: 2 hours
  • OEM imaging $25 - $40 per PC

WSS Automation

WSS installs the standard Windows image on first boot and automates the process of installing the user's applications and migrating their data and settings to the new PC.

  • IT Engineer time: 30 minutes
  • End user disruption: 30 minutes
  • No imaging costs

Wipe & Load upgrade

To enable Windows 10 advanced security features or to start with a clean system, a "wipe and load" upgrade is needed.

As this means the disk gets wiped, it's critical to backup user settings and data then install applications after upgrading the OS. This is a very resource intensive and potentially error-prone process.

Common Scenario

A wipe and load upgrade to  Windows 10 is similar to a break/fix rebuild except it can also involve reconfiguring the PC for UEFI as well as updating applications and migrating the user's data.

  • IT Engineer time: 2 hours
  • End user disruption: 2 hours
  • Many remote servers needed

WSS Automation

WSS automates the entire process from user request to migrating the user's data to the new OS version including reconfiguration for UEFI.

  • IT Engineer time: 30 minutes
  • End user disruption: 30 minutes
  • No remote servers

In-Place upgrade

In-place upgrade to Windows 10 is less destructive but doesn't offer the option to make system level changes (such as changing from 32 bit to 64 bit or enabling UEFI).

Although it is faster than wipe and load, it still requires IT effort and downtime for the end user.

Common Scenario

An in-place upgrade doesn't wipe the hard disk but it still interrupts normal business, and applications may need to be updated for the new OS.

  • IT Engineer time: 30 minutes
  • End user disruption: 30 minutes
  • Many remote servers needed

WSS Automation

The end-user schedules the upgrade for a time that avoids interruption, system configuration and application upgrades are all automated.

  • IT Engineer time: 15 minutes
  • End user disruption: 15 minutes
  • No remote servers

Planning for Windows 10

Riverside in Dark Reading

  • We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation.

Content Distribution - Nomad

Worry-free content distribution that removes the need for remote distribution point servers and protects network bandwidth allowing distribution to happen at any time.

User Self-service - Shopping

End users can request computer rebuilds or Windows 10 migration in an enterprise application store and schedule the work for a time that doesn’t impact their work.

Application Migration

Usage-based policies ensure applications are ready to go even after an OS rebuild or wipe and load upgrade to Windows 10. Unused applications can be removed or standard versions updated.

Windows Deployment

Unique automation to re-configure computers from BIOS to UEFI to prepare for advanced Windows 10 security such as Secure Boot, Windows Hello, and Credential Guard. The only automated solution across Dell, HP and Lenovo hardware.

Windows Servicing Suite Overview

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Key Benefits

Automate Windows rebuilds
and migrations

Enable Windows 10

No remote

No user

Usage based
application migration

Network bandwidth
always protected

Enhanced SCCM

Extends and enhances

Standard SCCM security
and audit

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