Windows Servicing Suite

The fastest route to secure Windows 10

How much time are you planning for your Windows 10 migration project?

According to Gartner, companies are typically looking at a two year project for Windows 10.

That’s a long time! There will have been four Feature Updates, 24 Quality Updates, four or more Configuration Manager updates and plenty of application security updates in that time.

A two year migration will leave you behind.

Introducing the Windows Servicing Suite

Streamlines your IT infrastructure by managing network traffic and removing expensive remote servers.

Zero-touch migration removes manual intervention, whatever your migration approach.

A reusable engine to automate on-going migration and maintenance. Lets IT focus on delivering business value.

The fastest way to secure Windows 10.

Multiple routes to Windows 10

There are multiple options for upgrading to Windows 10. Most companies will use a combination of them all.

Each has significant challenges and require manual intervention.

Zero-touch automation, regardless of your choice

Take a look at this infographic to learn more about how Windows Servicing Suite accelerates Windows 10 migration.

1E and Schneider Electric:
Automating a global Windows 10 migration

Interview with Michal Lackovic, Program Manager, Schneider Electric

Case Study

In this exclusive 1E case study, made in close collaboration with Schneider Electric, we examine the migration process, as well the solutions used, their business benefits and more besides.

Migration is only the start

With regular Windows 10 Feature and Quality updates, SCCM updates, application updates, new hardware arriving, and fixing existing hardware, IT teams will be continually deploying Windows 10.

The same engine that deployed Windows continues to deliver fast, automated updates. Streamlined infrastructure simplifies SCCM updates.

And you’re ready to do more including automated self-service  application request & deployment and software license management.

Key benefits

  • Deployment in weeks not years, servicing model support
  • No remote servers or disk upgrades of servers
  • Network bandwidth always protected
  • No user disruption through self-service
  • Usage based automated application migration and rationalization
  • Secure Windows 10 - device guard, credential guard, secure boot, biometrics
  • Enhanced SCCM:
    • Integration with SCCM for familiar workflows and standard RBAC security
    • Does not try to replace or duplicate SCCM tooling or security
    • Integrated with the 1E SLA solution for the Enterprise Application Store (Shopping), AppClarity and Tachyon

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