Windows Servicing Suite

Windows Servicing Suite

Complete Windows Automation

The single most effective way to protect your business is to keep Windows and deployed software patched and up-to-date. For today’s IT teams, however, managing Windows devices at scale, across multiple locations, for remote and office workers, represents a major challenge.

The solution is automation. 1E’s Windows Servicing Suite (WSS) allows overworked IT teams to automate the distribution of all these updates without disrupting the business network.

Features and benefits

Empowered End Users

The Windows Servicing Assistant, part of WSS, gives end users control over Windows servicing tasks without the need for an IT technician going desk-to-desk. Windows Servicing Assistant supports all migration and servicing scenarios independent of user location.

Automated Application Migration

WSS solves the complexity of application management with a specially curated catalog and automation engine, delivering scalable application rationalization and migration.

Streamlined Infrastructure

At the heart of WSS is 1E’s proven Nomad content distribution and optimization engine. Remote Configuration Manager servers can be eliminated, and client-side automation enables end-user self-service and zero-touch Windows upgrades or rebuilds.

  • Riverside

    “We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation.”
    Kenny Covington
    System Administrator | Riverside Health System

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  • Schneider

    “We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That's where Windows Servicing Suite came into the picture.”
    Michal Lackovic
    Program Manager | Schneider Electric

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  • Cherokee County School District

    “We experimented with Windows 10 in our labs. It took over a day to upgrade from Windows 7: we had to figure out how in the world we’re going to be able to scale this up to 40,000 devices.”
    Matt Roper
    Cherokee County School District

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WSS Product Suite
Windows Servicing Assistant

Windows Servicing Assistant

End user self-service

Application Migration

Application Migration

Application rationalization and migration

1E Nomad


Content distribution & automation

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Enterprise App Store

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WSS Product Sheet

Discover more about the 1E Windows Servicing Suite, and how it can take the pain out of Windows management, by downloading our WSS Product Sheet today.

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“We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation.”

Kenny Covington
Systems Administrator, Riverside
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