Application Migration

Application Migration

Automated application migration

As a key component of WSS, Application Migration ensures end users always have the applications they need after a Windows migration or other servicing activity. IT can ensure the right apps and versions are deployed and end users have what they need to be productive.

Features and benefits

Rationalized software catalog

Traditional software inventories include many non-application entries: when combined with multiple application name variations, only 1 in 100 entries may be relevant.

The 1E Catalog cuts out the noise, giving IT control over the apps and versions it has deployed.

End users stay productive

Applications are what makes a user productive but many Windows servicing operations (such as migrating to a new device or a clean install upgrade to Windows 10) result in lost apps for the user.

1E’s Application Migration ensures the latest and approved versions of the apps are ready for use after an update.

Easy administration

Once IT has visibility into the applications that have been deployed and how they’re being used, simple rules can be defined to remove waste or standardize around preferred applications and versions.

  • Riverside

    “We were going to have to hire more than $600,000 worth of labor to come in and do the process. The other option was automation.”
    Kenny Covington
    System Administrator | Riverside Health System

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  • “Application Migration allowed IT to set specific migration rules. This was not only significantly more efficient, it was also millions of dollars cheaper than the previous automated approach.”

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Reduce noise

Reduce noise

Identify real applications and normalize all variations of each application name.

Automate app rules

Automate app rules

Eliminate manual work for applications installs, upgrades, and reclaims across the organization.

Empower users

Empower users

Allow users to review and manage exactly what changes are going to be applied.

Remove 80% of effort from your Win10 migration project

  • Wipe and Load
  • BIOS to secure UEFI
  • Machine replacement
  • Windows servicing updates
  • Home and Internet based workers
  • Ongoing Break/fix
  • Application migration
  • Content distribution and remote servers

Video resources

Application Migration Product Sheet

If you want to learn more about how to eliminate the worry of application management from Windows upgrades, download our special product sheet now.

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“Application Migration was not only significantly more efficient, it was also millions of dollars cheaper than the previous automated approach. The ability to view a machine prior to migration saved precious build time.”

William Min
IBM Services
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