Case Study

1E and Schneider Electric: Automating a global Windows 10 migration

Schneider Electric

We needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That’s where Nomad came into the picture.

Michal Lackovic
Schneider Electric


Software distribution and upgrades used to be a major pain point for Schneider Electric. Perhaps this is unsurprising since the company is a leading multinational with over 120,000 computer users in around 100 countries.

To prepare for Windows 10, Schneider had to upgrade to Configuration Manager 2012. They did so with the support of Nomad which subsequently helped them keep up with CM Current Branches more easily. In addition, Schneider also required a Windows 10 compatibility tool for end users.


Following the successful migration to Configuration Manager 2012, 1E Product Services coordinated with Schneider to develop a Self-evaluation portal able to report application compatibility for end users.

The tool needed to be able to compare installed apps against compatibility details as well as provide relevant recommendations. Schneider Electric was looking for a self-service portal with the capacity to support the English, French, Spanish, Chinese and German languages.

“We decided to introduce two methods to help us migrate to Windows 10. One of these was through the natural PC refresh cycle… but that would still not be enough because even if we replaced 25,000 PCs annually, we needed a complementary, automated way to accelerate our Windows 10 migration. That’s where Nomad came into the picture.”

Michal Lackovic
Program Manager at Schneider Electric

Business Benefits

“Nomad integration allowed us to remove approximately 400 distribution points,” says Michal Lackovic. “This meant our infrastructure required less support and complexity was reduced by 90%.” By decommissioning these servers, Schneider Electric estimates that Nomad has saved them up to €100,000 per year in maintenance costs, as well as any potential related license costs. In addition, their self-service Windows 10 compatibility portal enabled it to complete the subsequent Windows migration with minimal user disruption


“One of the advantages of 1E Nomad is that it’s very easy to implement,” says Lackovic. “It’s invisible, and it doesn’t consume a lot of systems resources.”
However, Schneider felt that 1E also offered the right combination of expertise and product.
“On the product side, 1E Nomad helped us to optimize the bandwidth for the migration. On the other hand, the expertise they have is brilliant.”
In addition, by allowing Schneider to decommission those 400 servers, Nomad took away “400 potential failure points”, allowing the company to focus on what’s important.