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Case study

1E & Bacardi: a perfect cocktail for the Windows 10 era

An agile leap forward

Bacardi decided to prepare for Windows 10 by bringing its infrastructure management in-house.
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An agile leap forward

This is the story of how this iconic brand became more agile, more efficient, and more automated. Exactly what Windows 10 demands.

“We needed a platform where everyone could take the efficiencies of having a standard environment, both in terms of getting software onto that environment, securing that environment and ensuring there was a common experience globally,” recollects David Keeble (Senior Manager, IT Services, End User Computing).

The Solution

Using both 1E Self Service and 1E Content Distribution for Microsoft SCCM, Bacardi brought both solutions in-house which can now be harnessed to service their Windows 10 plans.


1E showed Bacardi how to manage Microsoft SCCM, and helped update it to the latest version, an important step in Bacardi’s Windows 10 plans. However key elements of 1E’s solutions also play a pivotal role in Bacardi’s Windows 10 rollout.

By standardizing their platform and bringing the control of this infrastructure in-house, they began to reap the benefits like cost-savings and company-wide agility.

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