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Case study

1E: Enabling Carollo Engineers to maintain productivity when working from anywhere

Carollo Engineers is a water engineering firm that specializes in the planning, design and construction of water and wastewater facilities. When working from anywhere became the norm Carollo turned to 1E to help.
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The Challenge

The main challenge for Carollo came when work-from-home became the norm almost overnight. They lost visibility from SCCM and had no external access to employees’ laptops when they were not using VPN.

The Solution

One of the first tasks was to set up a Tachyon server in their DMZ to allow communication with computers outside of their firewall. This allowed them to see, ping, and manipulate endpoints that weren’t connected through the VPN or didn’t touch the network on a regular basis.

Establishing that communication with endpoints outside the firewall enabled IT staff to supplement the “pretty please” emails with action. They were able to find and remediate configuration issues, make system changes, and have more control over endpoints that hadn’t touched the network for a while.


  • IT is able to communicate with endpoints outside the corporate firewall to identify and remediate issues
  • Trusted, accurate results from real-time queries and information leads to faster identification and remediation of issues
  • Saved reports provide a history of results
  • Shared licenses no longer denied due to ‘killing’ the program every night
  • This has reduced support manhours and required experience levels and the need to purchase additional licenses, saving tens of thousands of dollars
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