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Case study

Automating a global Windows 10 migration

Preparing for Windows 10

Software distribution and upgrades used to be a major pain point for Schneider Electric. Perhaps this is unsurprising since the company is a leading multinational organization with over 120,000 computer users in over 100 countries.
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The Challenge

To prepare for Windows 10, Schneider had to upgrade Configuration Manager. They did so with the support of 1E Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager which subsequently helped them keep up with CM Current Branches more easily.

The Solution

Following the successful Configuration Manager upgrade, 1E also enabled Schneider to accurately report application compatibility for end users.

The Results

“1E allowed us to remove approximately 400 distribution points,” says Program Manager Michal Lackovic. “This meant our infrastructure required less support and complexity was reduced by 90%.” By decommissioning these servers, Schneider Electric estimates that Nomad has saved them up to €100,000 per year in maintenance costs, as well as any potential related license costs.

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