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Case study

1E & ServiceNow: Driving full IT automation

1E is this future, especially when integrated with ServiceNow

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1E Service Desk Augmentation for ServiceNow

Automate, Orchestrate and Execute

“The future is already here,” said William Gibson, “it’s just not very evenly distributed.” For a lot of people – such as ECS Security’s CTO and founder Nathan Dornbrook, 1E’s Tachyon is this future, especially when integrated with ServiceNow. Together they provide an end-to-end automation capability that could revolutionise IT.

Dealing with Personal Identifiable Information (PII)

Gain control over your IT environment with the integration of 1E and ServiceNow. With both tools working together, you gain control over how PII is used over your entire estate. This has never been possible until now.

Enabling privileged access on demand

The ability to implement privileged access on demand means being able to kill 80% of potential security breaches at the root, without disrupting the business. 1E’s integration with ServiceNow makes this incredibly easy to implement.

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