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Case study

How 1E and Tableau spun up a 5000-machine company in one week

One of the world’s most renown companies, Tableau plays host to industry events to educate users as well as encourage potential new customers to use their software.

At their event in 2016, they doubled the number of laptops at the event to 5,000 which also doubled their potential problems: managing software.
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The Tableau Challenge

With 5,000 laptops and over 12,000 delegates, any missing file or small software problem becomes massive at scale.

The Solution

1E was chosen because of it’s advanced Content Distribution for Microsoft Configuration Manager functionality as well as the reliable performance needed during the event. Says conference manager Gail Miller, “We did initial testing in LA with 500 laptops, installing Tableau and uninstalling Tableau. We were able to do it within three minutes on all the systems.”


Chris Frickland explained, “The 1E solution was really a game changing piece of software. When we were solving this challenge of, how do we deploy five thousand laptops at a scale and speed that would meet our conference needs, we found there wasn’t really any software solutions that could share the large amounts of files, data sets, or new installs of large programmes we use, at a speed and scale required by us, and also at a way that would not overly tax the network. The network we built can only support so much traffic, and pushing out one or two gig data files could take a while or stress that network.”

1E’s Content Distribution software meant that the file distribution process could be comfortably centralized and automated. The results, however, exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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