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Case Study

A Fortune 500 Company, Gregg Erdmann

Gregg Erdmann is a Senior Systems Administrator for a Fortune 500 Company. They provide financial products and services to financial institutions worldwide. With 30,000 employees in the company, and 15,000 in the United States alone, watch this video to see how Gregg Erdmann has deployed NightWatchman to assist with company power management needs.

Gregg describes how NightWatchman coupled with Wake-Up enables the company to wake-up its servers in the middle of the night to add Microsoft security patches and other software which is being deployed, minimizing user impact.
The video also features Enterprise view, brought to you by NightWatchman from 1E, which enables the management team to report on all the cost savings in the environment and view the progress being made using the pc power management software.

Play the video to see how Gregg believes NightWatchman from 1E has helped the company save money and address sustainability head-on.

[vimeo_video id=”50512868″]

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