Case Study

Baillie Gifford: Leading the way with proactive digital employee experience (DEX) management

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Established over 100 years ago, Baillie Gifford is one of the UK's leading independently owned investment management firms. They rely on the 1E Tachyon Platform to proactively manage digital employee experience (DEX) in the new world of hybrid working.

The Challenge

The overnight shift to remote working and, subsequently, to mass hybrid working for the long term, led to a key challenge for Baillie Gifford. How do you maintain a consistent service level when you’ve gone from 12 corporate offices to thousands of home offices? To start, they needed accurate, reliable data about employees’ remote digital experiences.

The Solution

Baillie Gifford rely on Tachyon Experience to provide real-time insight into employees’ use and perceptions of their workplace technology. But insights alone are never enough if you can’t make active improvements to DEX. Using the complete 1E Tachyon Platform allows Baillie Gifford’s IT teams to be proactive in their approach to IT support by uncovering and resolving issues before they become chronic.


  • The ability to truly support a hybrid workforce and deliver a great digital employee experience
  • Real-time and reliable data about remote environments for effective decision making
  • Effective and proactive IT support to limit employee downtime and impact on employee productivity
  • Scalable remediation to prevent issues from becoming widespread
  • A consistently efficient IT support service
  • A vendor partnership that delivers results
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Baillie Gifford

As an IT team, you need to put your employees first in what you’re delivering and make effective decisions. Tachyon Experience gives us the insights to do that.

Kenneth Kirkwood
Kenneth Kirkwood
Workspace Technology Manager, Baillie Gifford