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Case study

The Right Path for Windows Migration

1E and Microsoft: Better together

The Cherokee County School System (CCSS) is located outside of Atlanta, Georgia. With over 40,000 endpoints, the organization was struggling to download content without delays and interruptions.
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Slow download speeds made sharing content difficult

The IT team currently manages approximately 40,000 PCs – all of which run Windows software.

How Cherokee County School District came out on top utilizing 1E.

Offering up 1E to the IT Team, CCSD was able to find a solution to this by streamlining Cherokee’s infrastructure. 1E’s Content Distribution for Microsoft SCCM was chosen over other peer-to-peer (P2P) options – including Microsoft’s own – to provide quicker and more secure downloads across the entire infrastructure

The Benefits

Besides ensuring CCSD could manage Windows 10 without disruption, 1E enabled CCSD to automate its upgrade to UEFI across multiple hardware platforms, accessing vital Windows 10 security features.

“We obviously want to take advantage of UEFI, primarily because of the security advantages. It’s a definite benefit, and 1E had a great tool to do that with.” – Matt Roper.

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