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Case study

Data-Driven Decision Making at Carollo, Harnessing the Power of the 1E Platform

Carollo is the largest water-only consulting firm in the U.S., specializing in environmental engineering and the construction of water and wastewater facilities. 1E has been at the heart of Carollo’s infrastructure for the best part of 10 years, unlocking data insights, reporting, and more informed remediation decision making.

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We sat down with their team to find out what he loves about 1E’s real-time data, and how it’s fuelling better remediation and intuitive reporting across a complex organization:

  • 1E has proved to be the fastest at retrieving data from a hybrid workforce, particularly for Carollo employees who mostly work from home and off-VPN
  • SCCM provides reports from the last hardware / software scan, which may be a few days old; with 1E, when a machine comes online, the data is instant, giving Carollo the most accurate picture of ‘now’
  • Integrations with other data sources and Power BI’s visualizations means Erik’s team no longer has to respond to numerous ad hoc requests from different departments looking for specific data points or insights, reclaiming hours that can be spent on active remediation
  • Automations (formerly known as Guaranteed state rules) for applications with frequent vulnerabilities, (such as Google Chrome,) save “countless” hours of building an SCCM package, deploying it and then waiting

How 1E helps deliver frustration-free technology

Better Experience

At Carollo, accurate, real-time data is everything. In situ for the best part of 10 years, 1E has been enabling Carollo to monitor and remediate technical issues across its highly dispersed workforce. It is ever-present in helping Carollo’s IT team to resolve issues and improve the user experience.

Business Aligned

Carollo values 1E’s ability to integrate with other data sources, including SCCM, and with data visualization tools like Power BI. By tying together data from different sources, including 1E’s real-time insights, Erik empowers other areas of the business.

“We’ve been experiencing real challenges with hardware recently. Through 1E’s real-time insights, we can instantly see which models aren’t performing well and then drill down into why: is it hardware, software, or both? We’re then able to respond to Support, as well as management, with all the information required to answer the question ‘are we purchasing the right equipment?’ 1E has become the first and last place I look for data,”

More secure

Off the back of data reporting, decisions are made. And when it comes to remediation, 1E is often the tool of choice. As the various teams discover new vulnerabilities, the 1E Platform is able to remediate regardless of VPN access. Under the banner of compliance, removing unsupported products achieves two things: mitigating the security risks of unpatched applications, and freeing up user licenses, ultimately leading to cost savings. “With 1E, we can often find that kind of data faster than the Infrastructure team, who comb through individual drives and files,”

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