Case study

Finding improved automation and efficiencies in multi-tenant environments

BCX, one of Africa’s largest systems integrators and digital transformation partners for enterprises and the public sector, operates the largest datacentre footprint on the continent.

BCX recently partnered with real-time endpoint management platform service provider, 1E, to develop an intelligent approach to patch deployment across a complex customer footprint in a multi-tenant environment. BCX felt that 1E Solutions were the right partner for the project based on a recent proof of concept (PoC) that showcased the long-term value that collaboration between the two companies could deliver.
Finding improved automation and efficiencies in multi-tenant environments

Redefining patching: An automated journey

Patching, whether manual or automated, has to be resilient and reliable. It ensures compliance and cybersecurity and is a crucial component of BCX’s service level agreements (SLAs). Up-to-date patching is critical to ensuring systems are protected and that infrastructure is secured against known vulnerabilities. It made sense to ensure that the process was optimized and streamlined so as to reduce downtime and risk, while improving speed and reliability. Automation has also been proven to deliver a measurable return on investment (ROI) in terms of operational costs and employee time.

A resilient and reliable platform

  • An expected double-digit percentage saving in overtime costs, not just related to patching once 1E has been rolled out across environments by the end of the year.
  • Improved employee satisfaction with reduced working hours, freeing engineers to spend more time with their families.
  • Hours of manual intervention now taking a fraction of the time to roll out, a dramatic difference in time and efficiency.

Accuracy and compliance in a multi-tenant environment

BCX runs multiple customer environments through 1E, each with their own policies. To resolve this complexity, the solution allows for BCX to assign guaranteed state rules for each environment rather than applying group policies so that BCX can ensure the right configurations for each organisation.