Case Study

Fortune 500 Bank automates software licensing and delivery across 60,000 seats

This Fortune 500 bank was experiencing major challenges with its software asset management. With huge pressure on its IT team to deal with software sprawl and audits. It came to 1E looking to automate its software delivery and limit its enterprise agreement negotiations and audits – and ended up revolutionizing its entire software lifecycle.

“We need to optimize our software discovery and automate license management capabilities using 1E’s AppClarity. We can realize a quick ROI and achieve significant cost savings and avoidance”


Software was a challenging topic for this bank: it was plagued by software license sprawl, software audits, enterprise agreement renegotiations and manual processes. It wanted to address software compliance and usage for its top vendors as a matter of urgency to halt spiraling costs. The bank’s software asset inventory featured some major gaps – resulting in a need for many hours of costly consultant hours. The data harvesting procedure was labor intensive, unsustainable and inefficient. What the bank needed was a single, centralized portal featuring an automated approval process that would empower end users and integrate seamlessly with third party ticketing systems.


The bank purchased 60,000 seats of 1E AppClarity and Shopping and completed implementation at the end of 2014. The Adobe reclamation production pilot was successful and the bank started its second reclamation production pilot on Attachmate in early 2015. Shopping has been successfully implemented and will be rolled out to end users throughout 2015.


  • Self-service enterprise eliminates need for outsourced software deliver – integrating Shopping with HP’s ticketing system has resulted in an estimated automation of 6,000 tickets per month, saving the company an estimated $720K per year in outsourced software delivery
  • Total visibility into the software estate – AppClarity has transformed a costly labor intensive process into a business as usual exercise, reducing costs, complexity and the risk of audits
  • Automation of software lifecycle – by automating the procurement, delivery and management of its software, the company expects to save more than $1.3M annually
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