Case Study

Global Retailer eliminates costly shipping campaign using Nomad

This multinational retail corporation with over 11,000 stores in 28 countries, was able to eliminate one of the biggest and costliest media shipping campaigns in business history, by deploying Nomad across 200,000 remote and in-store machines. It drastically reduced manual overhead in one of the most notoriously low-margin financial environments in the world, while dramatically improving patch and OS compliance reliability.


The company faced severe challenges in managing content distributions, given its highly distributed environment and large number of remote PCs. It was facing massive management burdens of a large distribution point array and thousands of individual remote network links, and had been relying on express shipping images on CDs throughout the world in order to keep endpoint machines properly imaged and up to date – an expensive and time-consuming manual process.


Utilizing Nomad’s automated software and image deployment process and peer-to-peer delivery on 200,000 of its remote and store-based machines meant that the organization was able to end its reliance on shipping CDs around the world. It was also able to remove more than 250 site-specific distribution points from its environment, and strip out over 40,000 manual man-hours per year.


Implementing Nomad has benefited this global company by:

  • Automating software delivery – The company no longer spends an estimated $6M on one of the world’s largest ever media shipping campaigns, stripping out 40,000 man hours of unnecessary manual work in an extremely low-margin business
  • Over 250 distribution points remove -including the decommissioning of 100 dedicated server-class machine.
  • Complete security and reliability – over one of the most widely distributed networks on the planet, scaling up to 200,000 targeted machines
  • Total annual savings of over $7.5M
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