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Case study

How a Global Manufacturer Gained Vital Visibility and Control with 1E

A leading manufacturer with a presence in more than 50 countries has been a proud 1E customer for more than a decade. In that time, they’ve seen the power of the 1E platform in providing complex environment health insights, maintaining security compliance with automation, and improving IT’s internal reputation overall.
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Team collaborating on desktop computers in a modern office environment

Read on to discover

  • How a digital employee experience (DEX) lens helped the organization better prioritize a stretched IT budget
  • Where the 1E Platform can assist in rapid response deployments, reducing potential disruption from a one-day to one-hour outage
  • The impact of 1E’s data insights on making strategic changes, improving the internal reputation of IT, and on communicating with users

More Secure​

Automation policies and rules have improved the manufacturer’s overall compliance posture. Even an incident affecting 5% of users creates huge problems for IT–that’s effectively 8,000 users who need support. Aiming for 90% compliance was the old rule of thumb, but with zero-day vulnerabilities, 100% is required.

Empathetic employee experience​

1E customers talk about Employee Sentiment often as a means of assessing the level of end user satisfaction. But for this manufacturer, customer sentiment is also seen as a way of facilitating communication that truly meets the needs of its end users.

“We’ve done wonders with rapid response, in that we can fix critical issues and P1 incidents across endpoints near-instantaneously. It’s hugely improved our response to human error incidents – like misconfiguration and patch rollback.”

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