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Case study

How Britain’s Favorite Retailer has transformed endpoint management across more than 1,000 stores with 1E

Britain’s favorite retailer, operates a staggering network of more than 1,450 stores and franchises across the UK and internationally. Since 2020, 1E has helped to solve some of its core challenges, including managing and monitoring complex POS systems.
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Read on to discover

  • How 1E has become a trusted insights partner, informing strategic decisions
  • The impact of resolving a long standing in store POS issue – on colleagues, customers and the bottom line
  • Why this retailer sees 1E as distinctive in the market, and how they capitalize on 1E’s automation and remediation capabilities

We sat down with its Product Manager, in charge of three thirty-strong engineering teams, to pinpoint the 1E journey to date, as well as their advice for retailers looking to achieve a similar transformation.

Increasing Visibility and Improving Experience

One particular use case proved 1E’s mettle. Across stores, point of sale (POS) systems regularly declined cards or went offline entirely during the normal course of business. That led to huge frustration amongst store colleagues who would have to deal with queues for remaining tills (and potentially losing customers who decided not to wait), as well as the cost and effort involved in getting engineers on site to restore uptime.
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Improving Employee Experience and Reducing Digital Friction

Removing the need for common calls to the service desk ultimately frees up colleagues in store to do what they do best. Over an average of 6,000 calls per month of around 20 minutes each, that’s a huge amount of time that can now be spent with customers.

Device uptime has become the “ultimate KPI”, focusing efforts on increasing uptime from 92% to 98% when 1E’s potential has been further explored.

Increased Visibility for the Business

Although the retailer is early into its 1E journey, a number of quick wins have been identified already. Tills across the estate are typically five to seven years’ old and, as staff report, famously sluggish to load. With 1E, the engineering teams were quick to spot that lots of common processes were duplicated and actually running multiple times, hogging crucial RAM. Just killing those repeated processes has made a tangible difference. The Product Manager believes it’s a main factor in rising customer experience scores.

Identifying and remediating similar issues across the network, which the teams are experimenting with in a controlled way using 1E automation, should remove an estimated 300 calls a week into the service desk. The impact on budget, as well as freeing up engineering workloads, could be enormous. Endpoint visibility is the key.

“Remediation is the real point of difference. No one is doing it as well as 1E,” says the Product Manager.

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