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Case study

How 1E helped SDI Media react to WannaCry within minutes

WannaCry was one of the most dangerous and impactful cyber threats in history. SDI Media was vulnerable and came to 1E for help.

How 1E helped SDI Media tackle a critical vulnerability in minutes rather than days

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The Challenge​

In May 2017, a massive cyber attack known as WannaCry ran rampant around the globe, affecting more than 230,000 computers in over 150 countries. With 1E, SDI Media was able to respond quicker than those organizations who were operating slow and outdated software.

The Benefits

1E’s Endpoint Troubleshooting was used to give insight into what was going on throughout all of SDI Media’s IT estate at any given time. 1E was also used to safeguard SDI’s valuable media assets. In the event of another malware attack, 1E’s powerful automation capabilities and content distribution could prevent malware spread, giving SDI Media the peace of mind every organization deserves.

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