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Case study

How this Healthcare provider is Leveraging 1E for Automated Processes

This healthcare provider is on a mission to improve healthcare in America, serving one million patients across a national footprint. Having first seen the benefits of 1E in 2019, this organization is now ready to talk about how 1E has enabled a more proactive approach across the IT environment.
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Read on to discover

  • How 1E enabled endpoint transparency, unlocking user experience insights and allowing faster remediation
  • The impact of automation on complex remote facility integrations, dramatically reducing the time and resources required to onboard new centers

Improving the workforce Experience

The Journey to Automation

This healthcare provider’s IT department was used to being very hands-on before 1E. The team had a task list to complete manually each time a new clinic needed to integrate as the company acquired new facilities.

“Before 1E, we were spending considerable time and resources on simple integration processes every time a new site was acquired… Now, 1E is like having a virtual technician standing in front of the PC at the time of execution, making each integration project a fast and accurate rinse-and-repeat solution.”

Improving the Digital Employee Experience

The IT department chose to deploy 1E’s Experience Monitoring solutions and now the team is able to focus their attention on accurate performance data and get out in front of any user issues with the 1E Experience Analytics. It allows the IT team to adopt a more proactive approach across the IT environment.

With 1E’s Employee Sentiment, the team has been able to gather feedback to review performance and effectively improve the digital employee experience, rather than relying on user reports and tickets to inform decision making.

Shift Left

“1E solutions cut down our integration process by 45 minutes or more per device, releasing any on-site technicians to troubleshoot and tackle higher-value tasks … Each facility has up to 80 machines, and 1E is giving us scalability; the more devices at the location, the more time we save with 1E.”

“A virtual technician doesn’t need to take breaks; 1E can work round the clock”. That’s allowed the IT team to focus time and attention on more strategic projects or solve larger issues.

Download case study