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International information and education company reclaims over 3,500 licenses in 6 months

This international information and education company started out with a fairly wellmanaged licensing estate – but still managed to reap extensive benefits thanks to AppClarity. AppClarity helped the IT department reclaim over 3,500 applications instances in 6 months – reducing its software waste by $600,000.


With the management of its desktop class application environment already in hand, the company was keen to identify any areas for improvement. AppClarity analysis confirmed that the organization had a common software waste problem: 8% of the deployed application instances were flagged as not being used in the previous three months, representing a waste of $405,805.91.


The company gave 1E access to its Microsoft ConfigMgr database in order to identify and financially quantify its software waste. AppClarity identified all the unused software over its 6,000 seats and1E quantified the waste for the 16 applications with the highest saving potentials., The organization decided to deploy and configure AppClarity within its production environment in order to identify software usage, simplify true-up and compliance process, reclaim unused software licenses and achieve tangible financial benefits.


  • Reduced software wasteThe company has been able to reclaim over 3,400 applications instances in 6 months
  • Reduced software spendThe company has been able to reduce the number of new software purchases by identifying and redeploying unused applications
  • Increased visibilityThe company now has access to precise and easy to consume license deployment information, reducing the administrative effort required to complete software true-up
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International information and education company

“Milestone reached! 3401 application instances reclaimed using AppClarity from 1E, resulting in an overall cost avoidance of $600K in 6 months!”

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