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International Insurance Group saves 3k tons of carbon, slashes energy bills and eliminates hardware waste

This international insurance group was able to achieve $2.2M in energy savings by deploying NightWatchman to help reduce computer energy consumption. With the ability to monitor and report on PC utilization it has also been able to optimize its call center operations.


For this leading international insurance group, responsible energy consumption is a high priority. Although its corporate responsibility initiative had been able to reduce its electricity bills by 6.5%, it was keen to do more. Having learnt that an estimated 40% of its energy consumption was from IT, it decided to investigate further, and discovered that 60% of desktops and 18% of laptops were being left on overnight. To combat this, it wanted to find a solution that would reduce computer energy consumption without having to reply on employees to initiate the shutdown.


The company’s IT Task force selected NightWatchman as the product most closely aligned to the company’s directive for efficient and sustainable IT, deploying it across 30,000 PCs. NightWatchman was able to provide total, automated control over the PC
estate, as well as clear visibility into power usage. This enabled the company to slash power consumption immediately, dramatically reducing its electricity spend and carbon footprint, while actively improving PC health and security.


  • 3,267 tons of CO2 saved – The environmental impact of the company’s initiative equates to 3,267 CO2 tons in carbon reduction
  • Reduced hardware wast – The organization uses NightWatchman’s PC Profiler feature to monitor and report on hardware utilization across its PC estate, allowing it to eliminate hardware waste and optimize its call center operations
  • $2.2m saved – The company has realized $2.2M in energy savings, including over $600K of annual recurring energy saving
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International insurance group

“We are only too aware of the challenges posed by climate change. Managing our impact on the environment is central to our Corporate Responsibility program. We are committed to addressing the issue of climate change and strive to eliminate waste and reduce energy usage. We approached 1E and saw their solution as the best fit for what we need to achieve. We are excited to work together to achieve our carbon management goals.”

Property and Financial Services Director