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Case study

When 21st Century Banking meets 21st Century IT

KBC, Win10, and 1E

IT is at the heart of every modern financial organization and that’s certainly true of leading banking and insurance provider, KBC Bank. With over 1,500 branches across Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Ireland, KBC manages a broad and disparate IT estate. Effective management is not only necessary but mandatory with such a mixed collection of endpoints.
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A Complex Environment

It’s no wonder that it’s a priority for KBC to keep endpoints up to date and secure. Besides being good business practice, it’s also a requirement for a heavily regulated industry such as financial services.

Windows 10 was therefore a firm priority. Getting there quickly and without disruption was a must, as was being able to subsequently manage the release cycle. In addition, KBC wanted to ensure they reached a fully secure Windows 10, with all the latest security features properly enabled.

The Challenge​

With sites dispersed over the globe – over 830 in Belgium alone, along with those appearing in expansion markets such as Ireland and China – KBC was having difficulty keeping endpoints up to date. An additional challenge was connectivity. Network links to China, for example, are very limited.

The 1E Difference

KBC deployed 1E’s Content Distribution for Microsoft SCCM to address their patch compliance and software distribution challenges and were able meet their goal of eliminating servers and streamlining connections to each branch. This reduced their licensing and maintenance costs and saw a significant drop in issues for their network management team.
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