Case study

Keeping up with the needs of a constantly changing workplace

Digital Employee Experience and the changing role of IT in the Hybrid Workplace

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that change is the only constant. But we can all agree that it can be tough to keep up with a constantly changing workplace. Join Jason Keogh, Field Chief Technology Officer at 1E as he talks to Novartis about hot topics such as: how the hybrid workplace is changing IT, and, how the focus on user-centric digital employee experience (DEX) is impacting IT.

DEX at scale

Michael Carson from Novartis, a global pharmaceutical company in over 100 countries across the globe, shares his 1E journey over 5 years as an early adopter and DEX leader.

Michael also shares his experience of migrating to a cloud service; One Drive and the cost-saving benefits of the removal of infrastructure and storage from on-premise data centers.

Improving user experience

“Before we had the 1E Experience module, we thought we understood the environment and what was driving resource utilization on the PC and what was causing user experience problems, but only after we had 1E Experience and were able to extract data could we really have meaningful conversations about how to fix it” says Carson who goes on to explain how the power of automation in maintaining a secure environment.

Service Desk Augmentation

1E Automation creates a world where fewer incidents are coming into the service desk because fewer things are going wrong. Michael shares how the Novartis team are focused on maximizing the value derived from the 1E ITSM Connector for ServiceNow and also minimizing Mean Time To Resolve.