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Case Study

London Council reduces energy costs and achieves a fast, efficiency and secure PC management process

This inner London borough is responsible for education, housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture, and environment. Nightwatchman has enabled it to enforce the shutting down of unused computers to save an average of £22,892 on its annual energy bills.


Like most public sector organizations, the Council was under great pressure to deliver a diverse range of services on an increasingly constrained budget. Having identified energy consumption as an area where it could make savings, the council needed a solution that would allow it to monitor and reduce computer energy consumption without disrupting users.


The Council used 1E NightWatchman to monitor power consumption across 2,000 PCs, enforcing shutdown at the end of the business day without endangering any unsaved data users may have left open. NightWatchman is also used to deploy patches successfully outside main business hours. The Council also implemented NightWatchman’s WakeOneLAN technology to increase the speed and efficiency of PC management throughout the organization, using a Client Health solution to ensure data accuracy, improve patch deployment success, and boost end-user productivity by deploying patches out of business hours.


  • Reduced energy consumption – Nightwatchman allows the Council to reduce its energy consumption by saving data and shutting down or moving systems into lower states when they aren’t being used. This has led to an energy reduction of 161 carbon tons
  • Improved patch deployment – The Council can now deploy security patches to machines without disrupting users or wasting energy, thanks to Nightwatchman’s ability to power machines up and return them to their former power state.
  • High-quality reporting –The Council can now see exactly where it is saving – or wasting – energy thanks to Nightwatchman’s easy-to-use real time reporting
  • Annual savings of over £22,00 –The Council realizes on average £11.47 in annual energy savings per computing per year, representing £22,892 annual energy cost savings across its PC estate
London Council reduces energy costs and achieves a fast, efficiency and secure PC management process
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