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Case study

Nationwide: Driving an experience-centric approach to endpoint management

Established over 90 years ago, Nationwide are one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Using the 1E Platform, Nationwide were able to adopt an employee-centric approach to endpoint management while simultaneously driving down costs and keeping devices secure.


The Challenge

Scott’s team at Nationwide have a robust approach to endpoint management but wanted to improve how they collaborate with the business-wide initiative to improve the experience of employees, regardless of where they are working. That meant collaborating closely with the Digital Workplace team, which defines the digital employee experience and employee life cycle, to reimagine how they deliver end-user services to improve digital employee experience (DEX) while keeping costs low and devices secure.

The Solution

The team embarked on a tool consolidation journey to reduce the number of agents required to manage and secure endpoints. Ultimately, they were able to consolidate their infrastructure down to two core solutions: Microsoft and the 1E Client.

1E’s Endpoint Troubleshooting, Automation, Analytics and Employee Sentiment solutions helps Nationwide deliver on one of its primary goals to improve performance monitoring and management. The 1E Experience Analytics module provides real-time data on endpoint health so the team knows whether devices are performing as they need to and, if not, what should be done to improve their performance. The data is also used to augment IT support for faster and proactive issue resolution, with role-based access in place to limit the footprint on devices. The result is faster time to resolution and reduced cost of hardware provisioning, as the team are now able to make informed decisions about when devices need to be replaced.

Of course, security is an important consideration for Nationwide too. 1E’s Endpoint Automation ensures Nationwide are able to enforce configuration compliance at scale, while the platform’s real-time nature is critical when the team needs to know what is running in their estate at any given time. As Scott says, they were able to run a 1E Endpoint Troubleshooting real-time query across 30,000 endpoints and get the information back within 30 seconds.

The Benefits

  • The ability to truly support a hybrid workforce and deliver a great digital employee experience
  • Real-time and reliable data about remote environments for effective decision making
  • Effective and proactive IT support to limit employee downtime and impact on employee productivity
  • Scalable remediation to prevent issues from becoming widespread
  • A consistently efficient IT support service
  • A vendor partnership that delivers results