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Case study

How 1E delivers value to its customers

PageGroup employ over 8,000 people in 36 countries and have 160 offices globally. To properly support a distributed workforce on this scale, they needed to implement an easy-to-use, mature and reliable endpoint management tool.

Working in partnership with 1E

Working in harmony

By partnering with 1E, PageGroup no longer needs to worry about the stability of their Microsoft environment. The support they receive from the 1E technical teams also ensures that they get the most value from their 1E solution in the long term.

1E Expertise

As Alex Nieva states, the best part about working with 1E is the people. They’re not only experts, but passionate about being the best at what they do. PageGroup know that they can rely on 1E’s “awesome” technical support team to quickly rectify issues for minimal business impact.


As a leading recruitment specialist, PageGroup know all about how hard it is to retain top talent. Improving the Digital Employee Experience is a top priority for PageGroup, to keep employees happy and productive through effective endpoint management globally.