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Pernod Ricard and Tachyon: giving all users the experience they want


Pernod Ricard is one of the biggest drinks companies in the world. As it sought to give its workers a better End-User Experience, particularly its growing base of remote workers, it turned to 1E’s Tachyon for help.

Improving end-user experience

End-User Experience is an area on many CIOs’ minds today. One way IT can improve everyone’s working environment is by slashing the amount of time it takes for updates and troubleshooting. Tachyon makes real-time, precise, fully-automated IT possible. As Ivan Jaramillo (Director, Client Support, Pernod Ricard) confirms, Tachyon looked “too good to be true”… but was everything 1E said it was.

Solving the remote worker puzzle

Remote working is growing in popularity all the time. This presents a real challenge to IT, since remote workers operate outside the traditional workplace perimeter. Remote workers were certainly presenting a challenge to Ivan Jaramillo (Director, Client Support, Pernod Ricard), particularly as his organization sought to expand its remote worker base by an additional 10%. Here’s how Tachyon was able to make the difference.

“Tachyon looked too good to be true. How could a tool deliver results that fast?”

Ivan Jaramillo
Director, Client Support, Pernod Ricard

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