On-demand Webinar

A Guide to 1E Product Upgrades and Hotfixes

Planning for all the environmental upgrades required in an enterprise can be a challenge! But having a well understood, documented and repeatable process can help this regular effort be easier to accomplish. In this webinar Sr. Consultant, Jonathan Robbins and Customer Success Manager, Jessica Mergen will take you through the steps that 1E recommends for a painless and repeatable upgrade process tailored to your environment.

This webinar will take you through:

  • Questions regularly asked about the upgrade process
  • Documentation you should review
  • Creating your own customized upgrade plan
  • Industry best practices and how they apply to your 1E upgrades


  • Jessica Mergen
    Jessica Mergen
    Customer Success Manager, 1E
  • Jonathan Robbins
    Jonathan Robbins
    Senior Expert Services Consultant, 1E