On-demand Webinar

Are you prepared for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

With less than 300 days until GDPR enforcement begins, are you ready? Don’t think GDPR applies to you? You may be mistaken – it affects all organizations, not just those in the EU or those making online sales.

GDPR threatens significant fines and penalties for non-compliance, so you need to fully understand the implications.

In our latest webinar, we looked at key requirements of GDPR and discussed what you need to do now to be properly prepared:

  • Realistic assessment of risk including potential fines
  • Corporate responsibilities for protecting personal information
  • Strategies for managing and mitigating your risk


  • Stuart Okin
    Stuart Okin
    Senior VP of Product, 1E
  • Jason Keogh
    Jason Keogh
    VP Product, 1E