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Augmenting Unified Endpoint Management for Hybrid Working

The drive to Microsoft Modern Management and need to consolidate existing tool stacks is forcing IT teams to reevaluate their UEM strategies. Coupled with the mass shift to long-term hybrid working, the question remains: How do you manage, secure, and ensure endpoints are working well when you can’t control devices like you used to in the office?

To tackle this all-important question, Rob Peterscheck (VP of Product at 1E), is joined by Adam “The Automator” Bertram, a subject matter expert on IT systems as they discuss:

  • Tips and tricks to reduce the cost and complexity of managing your endpoint estate, even for devices outside the corporate firewall
  • Ways to ensure even remote endpoints remain compliant to your organization’s standards and are consistently manageable throughout their lifecycle
  • The reasons to marry UEM with digital employee experience (DEX) initiatives so users have a delightful experience with their corporate devices


Adam Bertram
Adam Bertram
Microsoft MVP
Rob Peterscheck
Rob Peterscheck
VP of Product, 1E