On-demand Webinar

Automate BIOS to UEFI for Secure Windows 10

This was the first webinar in our series – Windows 10 – get a true sense of security for the enterprise. In this webinar, our technology architect Mike Terrill and TrueSec’s Senior consultant Mikael Nystrom discussed some expert tips on migrating to Windows 10 in the most secure way. This can be done using 1E’s unique technology to automate the switch from BIOS to UEFI.

You can view the entire webinar recording below, or take a look at some of the selected highlights that we have made available.


  • Mikael Nystrom
    Mikael Nystrom
    Senior Executive Consultant, TrueSec
  • Mike Terrill
    Mike Terrill
    Technology Architect, 1E