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Bridging the SecOps gap

Cyber attacks hurt. They could have major and long-lasting effects on customers, the business and investors. Critical to prevention, and even more so in reacting and remediating after an attack, is the co-ordination and co-operation between security specialists and IT Operations. However, in many situations, this doesn’t happen.

Most often, it’s because their outlooks are fundamentally different.

For example, Security teams would like to lock down systems and access rights whereas IT is trying to improve service for customers and staff and deliver business innovation. But, also, they often have different language and tooling that further complicates matters.

In this webinar, we’ll be looking at these elements, how they’re critical for the business and how they can be addressed. We’ll show how it’s possible to improve security postures while still allowing IT innovation and how a co-ordinated approach from IT and Security teams in a “Security Operations (SOC)” team with the right tooling to support them can hunt down an attack and remediate fast. The Ponemon Institute says that remediation within 30 days of an attack can save the business $1 million. With that type of savings, it’s critical to get these teams working together.

Two of the industry’s leading experts, Nathan Dornbrook and 1E’s Jason Keogh are set to give you details on how you can help your teams come together to create a unified force that will ensure your business is headed in the right direction. In this webinar, you can expect to:

  • Gain knowledge on how to unite your two teams
  • Learn tips on how to maintain the relationships between SecOps and IT
  • Understand the use cases on the successes from joining these teams together”


  • Nathan Dornbrook
    Nathan Dornbrook
    Group CTO & Founder, ECS
  • Jason Keogh
    Jason Keogh
    VP Product, 1E

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