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DEM in 20 – That Change Management Success Rate Struggle

Do you ever get negative feedback when trying to roll out a possible software upgrade or digital transformation initiative?

In an ideal world, everything from large scale software deployments to ensuring individual devices are version compliant would just work first time – every time. But in the real work, this isn’t the case. Sometimes, unfortunately, IT induced changes in the workplace can negatively impact end-user productivity and their overall work experience.

So, without the visibility to determine any impact on your employees or how their software is performing, how do you measure whether success was achieved or not?

Alex and Michael have the answer! Hear from them, alongside a special guest, in this live webinar. They provide insight into how 1E Tachyon can help organizations to confidently execute IT changes with a higher success rate, whilst proactively addressing any potential performance or availability issues.

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Michael Wright
Michael Wright
Director of Product Marketing, 1E
Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams
Product Manager, 1E