On-demand Webinar

Demystifying Patch Management

WannaCry and Petya cyber-attacks have caused a sea change in attitudes towards patching and software updates. According to a new 1E survey of 400 IT professionals, 70% say WannaCry has increased their intent to #StayCurrent.

Many of the malware attacks that are making news every few weeks can be avoided simply by keeping software patched. However, the recent outbreak of WannaCry demonstrated that many organizations are not on top of patching.

In this webinar, our experts, Dave Fuller and Jim Bezdan, uncover recent changes in Windows updates that make it easier and provide tips on keeping current in today’s fast-moving IT world.  In the recording you will hear as they talk through:

  • What updates look like today
  • Methods for deploying them
  • Distributing updates throughout your network
  • Practical tips on managing and monitoring update deployments


  • Jim Bezdan
    Jim Bezdan
    Principal Consultant, 1E
  • Dave Fuller
    Dave Fuller
    Head of Enablement and Innovation, 1E