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Employee Surveillance Tech: What IT Experts Really Think

A chat with Nathan Richter, Senior Partner at Wakefield Research

According to a groundbreaking report 1E has commissioned with Wakefield Research, 89% of IT managers say their current or former companies use productivity surveillance tech to monitor employees, yet 73% of IT managers are uncomfortable instructing their staff to deploy it. This puts IT departments in a precarious situation as such spying becomes more common. Their misgivings are well founded. Data suggests that deploying employee surveillance software is ineffective and counterproductive, causing employees discontent, stress, and distrust in leadership.

In Part 1 of our webinar series on employee surveillance, 1E’s Hannah Lenane was joined by Wakefield Senior Partner Nathan Richter to discuss the report and how organizations can expect these trends to impact their business in the long and short term.

Watch this webinar on demand to find out what these fresh findings mean for you:

  • Scaring away talent: more than half of IT workers would turn down an otherwise desirable IT position if they knew the company used employee productivity surveillance technology
  • Employee wellbeing: this technology’s fallout can cause profound harm to the well-being of employees, doubts regarding the accuracy of the data produced, talent management problems, and an erosion of trust in leadership and company loyalty
  • Lack of transparency: IT staff are more comfortable with the tech when the company is transparent about it, yet many companies hide the truth
  • Ethics above job security: nearly 3 in 4 IT workers (73%) say they’d inform other employees if their company was using productivity surveillance technology without telling employees, even if it was against policy


Nathan Richter

Nathan Richter

Senior Partner at Wakefield Research

Hannah Lenane

Hannah Lenane

Senior Content Marketing Manager at 1E

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