On-Demand Webinar

Software asset management should be simple…so why isn’t it?

Let’s face facts, managing software is becoming more complex. The pandemic-fueled transition to mass hybrid working (virtually overnight), coupled with the ongoing transition toward SaaS and subscription-based software has transformed the IT requirements across organizations. And, from a software asset management perspective, this has introduced a myriad of new challenges when it comes to:

  • Tracking assets and optimizing IT costs
  • Remaining compliant and avoiding potential licensing penalties
  • Providing the software employees need to remain productive when working from anywhere

In this session we explored how the next generations of tools turn software asset management analytics into actionable business intelligence. Because, really, managing software is simple.


Jason Keogh
Jason Keogh
Partner Chief Technologist, 1E
 Michael Wright
Michael Wright
Director of Product Marketing, 1E