On-demand Webinar

A strategic guide to Windows Servicing

Why large organizations are panicking about Windows 10 servicing and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls.

Windows 10 servicing is causing more change across organizations’ IT estate in shorter time frames than ever before. It’s never been more important to be up to date with OS and application updates but it’s never been harder to achieve this, too.

In this webinar, Barry Angell from Juriba and Dave Fuller from 1E reviewed the latest in Windows 10 servicing and looked at what this could mean for organizations globally.

The session covered –

  • An overview of the Windows servicing model
  • Recent developments and changes in terminology
  • How does the new servicing model affect your organization, taking a process approach not special project
  • Planning to stay current – how to best structure your perpetual deployment initiatives


  • Dave Fuller
    Dave Fuller
    Windows Servicing Suite PM, 1E
  • Barry Angel
    Barry Angel
    Co founder and CTO, Juriba