On-demand Webinar

How to be an IT Superhero! Streamlining IT Systems Management with 1E Nomad

This webinar was the “origin story” for how IT Admins become the superhero their business needs – able to roll out the largest operating systems, managing global-scale infrastructure with no remote servers and delivering content at speed without impacting business traffic.

In this webinar, our experts dove deep into the challenges of running Configuration Management in your enterprise – distributing content fearlessly, achieving a no remote servers infrastructure and all the superhero level extensions to ConfigMgr.

View the entire webinar recording to understand how you could simplify and streamline your ConfigMgr infrastructure, or take a look at some of the selected highlights that we have made available.


  • Simon Burbridge
    Simon Burbridge
    Nomad Product Manager, 1E
  • Mark Warren
    Mark Warren
    Windows 10 Program Lead, 1E