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The big bang endpoint

Let’s face facts: Today’s “endpoints” can be anywhere and almost anything. The internet of things (IoT) means that endpoints might be embedded sensors, components of critical and not-so-critical infrastructure, mobile computers and phones, games and just about anything you can think of.

It’s no longer a moat or fence that defends the perimeter — it’s an array of technologies that often are not even accessible physically to the company’s infosec team as endpoints expand out and away from the corporate network. It is an on-going challenge as companies attempt to find the right mix of technologies, expertise, and training to address the expansion.

This editorial webcast looks at how CISOs are addressing the expansion, what techniques work and what doesn’t, and how the security team’s responsibility is evolving to meet the battle between financial and human resources, compliance and legal requirements, and simply put, the capabilities of the staff.


  • Tony Parrillo
    Tony Parrillo
    Enterprise IT Global Head of Security Schneider Electric
  • Mark Blackburn
    Mark Blackburn
    CIO & Co-Founder 1E