On-Demand Webinar

The Big Patching Debate

In the wake of high-profile patch failures such as the Equifax breach, and widespread reports of the growing tension between IT Security and IT Operations, what’s getting in the way of quicker, better patching processes?

Hear a stand-out panel of industry experts as they discuss all the answers to your patching challenges, along with exclusive analysis of 1E’s new patching survey report “Getting Your House in Order”

Listen in to this webinar to discover:

  • Exclusive analysis of one of the most significant IT surveys of 2019
  • Insight into what 600 senior IT pros are telling us about the state of patching
  • Learnings on what IT can do differently to help keep their organizations more secure
  • Exclusive unveiling of a new 10 point IT “action plan” by President Obama’s former cyber-security advisor, Michael Daniel
  • Stunning insights from several prominent IT thought leaders – plus the chance to put your questions to the panel


 Shira Rubinoff
Shira Rubinoff
President, Prime Tech Partners
Joseph Steinberg
Joseph Steinberg
Founder, SecureMySocial
 Sumir Karayi
Sumir Karayi
Founder & CEO, 1E