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On-Demand Webinar

The next iteration of proactive digital experience management: problem hunting

The big struggle for hybrid workers is dealing with IT issues they know they shouldn’t be experiencing. So what if you could fix them once and for all, before anyone even realizes they have a problem?

As IT organizations begin to mature their aggregation of digital experience analytics into intelligent experience scores, it’s time to move to phase 2: proactive problem hunting.

In this webinar, Cameron Fuller, Director for Automation Solutions at Catapult Systems, deep dives into moving beyond the realms of Digital Experience Monitoring to proactively troubleshoot and resolve the IT issues most impacting your employees, whether they’re in the office or at home.

Cameron discusses:

  • What data you need to be monitoring for in order to conduct problem hunting
  • How to turn insights into actionable business intelligence for root-cause analysis
  • What automated capabilities you need to resolve issues at enterprise scale, once and forever


Cameron Fuller

Cameron Fuller

Microsoft MVP

Amy Collins

Amy Collins

VP of Product Marketing, 1E

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