On-demand Webinar

Why patching is so hard & how to make it easier

With digital transformation and a mobile workforce on the rise, and technology massively outpacing policy, there is an overwhelming need for more effective patching practices to close the attack vectors and prevent dangerous breaches.

Today, even a 90% patch success rate is simply not good enough. In this webinar, learn how to actually overcome the most common patching problems and close that door for good.

  • Full analysis of the most common patching challenges – and how to overcome them and push your patch success rate closer to 100%
  • Expert advice and real-world case studies, plus the chance to pose your questions


  • Daniel Ratliff
    Daniel Ratliff
    Lead Systems Engineer, PotentEngineer.com
  • Michael Mott
    Michael Mott
    Technical Enablement Lead, 1E